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Battling Babes

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Apartment Wrestling

The exploits of famous male warriors dates back to the earliest etchings of human history. Women, too, have a fighting legacy, but theirs is a much more subtle, and largely unrecorded, story. For many years, men who appreciate females in combat have searched far and wide to catch a glimpse of the so-called “weaker sex” in action. There are those who still search for the pleasure of watching a well-contested female fight today.

Catfighting History

            In the 1970’s, the veil concealing a particularly private form of female fighting was pulled aside. This revealed to us the spectacle of “apartment wrestling,” a bare-knuckled sport unfettered by any sense of rules or civility. Women from all walks of life met in epic struggles before a select group of male admirers to determine who was superior and to claim to substantial financial rewards that went along with that. Their luscious, bikini-clad bodies rampaged in fierce combat against one another before an appreciative audience.

 Female Apartment Wrestling    

Today, the Maidens of Mayhem continues the apartment wrestling tradition. Normally beginning in either traditional, full-bottom bikinis or some other equally seductive attire, these modern-day vixens are unashamed to shed their clothes entirely in the pursuit of victory. Though beautiful of face and magnificently sculpted of body, this new fighting genre of women brings their glamorous looks to an arena where one goal trumps all: victory.

            For those who have an insatiable appetite to watch fighting females, purchasing a membership swings the door wide open to reveal what men for centuries have sought but could not find—gorgeous women locked in private, intense combat.

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